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If your question is not answered here, email Humuhumu at
You can also send an instant message to OogaMoogaMug on either AIM or Yahoo IM.
Q.  What can I keep in my Ooga-Mooga Collection? What doesn't belong in Ooga-Mooga?
A.  Ooga-Mooga is for mugs and other serveware with design roots in midcentury Polynesian Pop. At this point, postcards, matchbooks, and other Polynesian Pop collectibles are not tracked by Ooga-Mooga.
Q.  What if Ooga-Mooga doesn't have a Mug Template for my mug?
A.  If you can't find your mug among our 10912 Mug Templates, select which of the 23 Basic Mug Templates comes closest, and use that. Describe your mug as best you can in the Notes field when adding your mug, and upload a picture if you can. We'll take a look at your mug and create a new template for it.
Q.  What if I don't want others to be able to see my collection?
A.  You don't have to share your collection if you don't want to -- your collection is your own business. Every mug in your collection has a "public" status that can be changed by editing it (select the "Edit" link in the Individual Mug Description box on the mug's page). You can set whether mugs are public or not by default by changing your account settings. Mugs that are not marked as public are not visible to anyone but yourself and Ooga-Mooga administrators.
Q.  How do I add a picture of my own mug?
A.  Click on the "Upload a Picture of this mug" link found below the generic picture on the mug's page. You'll get a form with a "Browse" button, click that button and select a photo on your computer's hard drive that meets the criteria mentioned on that page -- basically, a JPG, GIF or BMP that is at least 300 pixels wide, and most important of all is a picture of your own actual mug, and not one you grabbed of someone else's mug!
Q.  What's the difference between "Show Any Pictures" and "Show Representative Pictures"?
A.  Representative pictures are those that show a clear, front view of just that mug. Non-representative (Any) pictures include pictures of the mug's back, bottom, the box it came in, or in a group with similar or related items. When mugs are being shown in a Gallery view (e.g., mug search results, mug collections), the default is for only Representative pictures to be shown -- otherwise, it can be real tricky to tell which mugs you're looking at!
Q.  How do I link my eBay auctions to Ooga-Mooga?
A.  To link your eBay auction, select the "Edit" link in the top of the Individual Mug Description box. In the eBay Auction field, enter your eBay auction item number, and save the changes to your mug. That's all! Now your mug will appear in the Mugs for Sale section, and Ooga-Mooga will automatically get all the information direct from the eBay servers. After the auction is over, remove the eBay auction item number, and it will disappear from the Mugs for Sale section.
Q.  How long will my Free Trial account last?
A.  Right now, there is no expiration on Free Trial accounts, and it's likely there never will be.
Q.  I got a notice from PayPal that my subscription was cancelled, but I didn't cancel it. What happened?
A.  PayPal will automatically cancel any of your subscriptions if a change is made to your PayPal account, for example, if you change the credit card used as your primary funding source. When this happens, there is no way for me to know that you didn't intend for your subscription to be cancelled — PayPal doesn't tell me that they were the ones who cancelled your subscription. Once your current term runs out, you'll just need to re-subscribe (when you log in, you'll be given the option to do that). It's quick and easy, and all your mugs and other account information will still be there.

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